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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 17, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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political spectrum when they get a call on live tv from good old mom. this is way too good and this is "way too early" from d.c.. good morning, it is wednesday, december 17th. welcome to "way too early" live from washington, d.c. this morning, we are here. this is the show that hears from its mom during the entire show. pom, we got facebook up. we expect to hear from you. mrs. washouse, who you will meet later in the show. she's the ma'am that called in to her two sons on c-span, she is our new he ra. you will love it. we want to get straight to our top story, breaking news related to that massive sony data breach t. show is not going on for the fork premier of "the interview."
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a spokesperson confirming sony cancelled thursday's event. this comes hours after james franco and seth rogen pulled out of all publicity appearances. the group claiming to be behind the sony hack invoked 9-11, while threatening to attack theaters showing the controversial movie. u.s. officials say there are no credible evidence of a terror plot. however, sources tell cnbc sony is now allowing theaters to now show the film. so far at least one movie chain is taking sony up on that offer. georgia-based carmike cinemas, which has close to 300 theaters is not going to show it. two former employees have filed a class action lawsuit against sony. they claim the company did not do enough to protect their personal information from this hack and the latest leak appears to be the entire inmail inbox of
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sony's picture chairman and ceo michael hinton from 2008 to 2014. screen writer eric sorenton is commenting on the quality of the e-mails. >> is there anything that points to wrong-doing at the company? that helps anyone in anyway? there with isn't. there is sui gossip there. a few weeks ago, that cloud was hacked into and naked photographs of women who we know, famous women were made available for the press. i thought we all did a good job of preemptively telling the press, that if you push u publish these things, you are being sleazy. this is the exact same situation, only worse by magnitudes. >> jeb bush says he will quote actively explore the possibility of running for president. this is big news and the former florida governor made this
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announcement in a facebook post saying he created a political action committee in january. here he is after announcing that decision. >> i haven't committed to doing it. but this is a time when we should be celebrating the incredible opportunities that exist in this country. yet, post-people really don't feel it. they think the government doesn't work for them and if i can get comfortable with being a candidate that gives people hope that we can fix some of these big problems that we have so we can take advantage of our opportunitiesch that's what i'm pursueing. its not anacy decision. it is a life changing one for a while. >> a lot to take into account here. jeb bush has typically been at the front of the gop contender's pack in the pole polls. here's what rand paul had to say about the bush announcement? >> why is jeb bush out ahead of
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you? >> well, maybe he has more ground he needs to gaeven? he has been out for a while. maybe he needs to get back in and practice up a bit. i can't determine what other people, i just know what i'm going to do. >> still six months out? >> yes. >> so in a new poll, 71% of voters say they want the next president to have a different approach than president obama. voters have a slight edge when asked which party they prefer to win the white house? jeb bush is roughly in line with other gop contenders, when vetters are asked if they could support his candidacy. both democrats and republicans, 31% of voters say they could back a bush run. 57% said they could not. now on the democratic side of things, hillary clinton has a much more advantage. half of the voeters say they could see themselves supporting the former secretary of state. the vice president coming in 2nd
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with 29%. so this brings us to our twitter question for you this morning. do you think that jeb bush jumping in early would help clear the gop field? you saw how senator rand paul reacted there? so what do you think others are think something tweet us your answers at "way too early." le have row responsibilitys later on in the show. now, more numbers from that nbc news-"wall street journal" poll t. president's overall approval rating standing at 45%. his highest since the government shut down in october, 2013. on the issues, there is a slight increase in optimism about the economy. but the president remains under water on the handling of foreign immigration. 11% on foreign policy. 40% approve on immigration. in the wake of the cia's report on tactic, 51% believe the practices were acceptable under the circumstances and 45% say they should be used in the.
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if you finally, 57% of americans say that race relations in this country are either fairly bad or very bad. that is the highest number on this question going back to 1995, the year of the oj simpson murder trial. well, ted cruz, he has come out apologizing to fellow gop senators for making them work past this weekend and through the weekend. he said he regretted if the weekend plans were disrupted during the spending bill vote. his move drew criticism from fellow republicans, mainly because it gave democrats nine hours to spend on procedural votes to confirm about two dozen various white house nominees. it didn't take long for the texas senator to enject himself into the 2016 discussion in the wake of jeb bush's announcement. cruz said he is quote a big fan
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of bush's but suggested the party would lose if they nominate another moderate a. new report out of the national review details cruz's own blue present for victory for the possible run for presidency, one that doesn't rely on independents. according to several top advisers the president sees a path to victory that instead relies on turnout attracting votes from groups, including jews, his spanics and millennials, and in the words of one of cruz's strategists, not getting killed with independents. we want to turn our attention to news from overseas, pakistan is now in a three-day period of mourning as it begins to hold mass funerals after an attack on a military-run school. 132 children were killed in this massacre as well as ten staff members and three soldiers. officials say all of the
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attackers are dead after it went on for hours t. taliban says this attack was in retaliation for military offenses on their locations in northwestern pakistan. even members of the taliban criticized this attack, calling it quote unislamic. we are learning chilling details of what happened inside the school. survivors say there were at least seven attackers. once inside, they entered an auditorium it was a packed with high school students. one of the militants debt fated a suicide belt. others opened fire indiscriminately. they spread out to classrooms, firing as they went. president obama called this attack horrific and secretary john kerry also condemned the massacre. >> the images are absolutely gut wrenching. young children carried away in ambulances, a teacher burned alive, in front of the students, a house of learning turned into a house of unspeakable horror.
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the prime minister schaarive said, these are my children, it is my loss. well, this morning, wherever you live, wherever are you, those are our children and this is the world another loss. >> 17-year-old nobel peace prize winner ma whether ala says she is heart broken by this attack. >> at this time we deny and i call on the community leaders in pakistan, all political parties and everyone, that we should stand up together and fight against terrorism. we should make shire that every child gets safe and quality education. >> it's 39 past the hour. it's too time to turn to business news the economic crisis crippleing russia. u.s. and global markets appear to be spooked by the freefall of the ruble. which is now at its lowest rate in 16 years. cnbc's jeff can you domore is
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joining us. russia is feeling the effects of the sanctions from the u.s. and the european union. we have clearly watched how the ruble has felt the foundation, really, fallout from underneath. >> reporter: yeah. you can't imagine the sense of panic for some people here in russia as they look at the value of their currency drop over 50% across the course of 2014 and 20% of that drop happened within the last few days. so people here are really feeling the pain from this and it's the pace of the decline that has really taken people by surprise. so what we've seen is people rushing into stores to boy electrical goods and cars as a way of trying to preserve the value of their assets. so very painful here. the russian government is trying to get ahead of this. they've announced intervention in the capital markets. they want to try to stop the ruble decline here.
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it is going to have very serious long-term effects on the russian economy if this continues. but president obama doesn't seem inclined at the moment to hold off another round of sanctions just to help the russian economy. the white house spokesmen who have been talking about this anonymously say the president is fully aware of the damage this could do to the russian economy but looks ready to ink another round of sanctions, which would target the energy sector and would possibly allow america to start supplying lethal aid to you crane. back to you. >> jeff cutmore live in moscow. thank you, sir, appreciate it. another member of bill cosby's family is now speaking out in his defense amid a series of sexual assault allegations. one day after the legendary comedian's wife said, quote, he is the man you thought you knew, cosby's daughter, he then telling ""access hollywood,"" he is the father you thought you
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knew. she posted rape is a serious allegation, it is supposed to be taken seriously. so is falsely accusing someone. when someone rapes a person, they go to pressen. >> that should also happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim. they are not only destroying innocent lives, they can't find justice. a woman claimed he molested her in 1974 at the playboy mansion. >> that i say the statute of limitations when the alleged incident occurred was three years. so that has expired. cosby has never been charged with a crime and in the past, through his lawyers, has denied all allegations. still ahead right here on requested way too early," what does next season hold for embattled yankee alex rodriguez? we will tell you what it may not entail coming up in sports. kind of an interesting twist here. later as the cowboys may be
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america's team, definitely not new jersey's team, how governor chris christie is sitting back after getting hammered for a cowboy high five. yeah. governor christie in trouble. that story when "way too early" comes back.
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cvs health. you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. . >> it's time for sports. we begin with the nba, the warriors look to extend their 16-game win streak in memphis
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last night. not so fast, all scorers led with a big push from the memphis bench helping the grizzlys to a fifth straight victory, they beat golden state 105 to 98. bad news for the bucs and jamari parker, he will miss the rest of the season after tearing his ac whether in his knee. that's a tough one. we wish him a speedy recovery for sure. in washington, rgiii will return to the starting quarterback role for the redskins with colt mccoy side lined for the rest of the season after a neck injury, rgiii will look to snap walk's six-game losing streak against the eagles this weekend. washington based crew, do you like rgiii? use your voices? yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. we are getting a yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a quiet, no, what? yes. what, another country heard from over there on the other side of
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the room. i don't know. all right. so we probably won't see a lot of alex rodriguez at 3rd base for yankees this season. general manager ryan cashman said rodriguez would likely fit in a full time designated hitter role with headley as the starter at 3rd base. hadley saying i can't expect alex to be anything to automatically assume his circumstances to plug right in, played 3rd as an every day guy and i think that would be dangerous thinking from my perspective. that's interesting, right, on a. rod there. let's get a check of weather, bill kierans is standing be i to dissect exactly what that means for a. rod. what do you think it means? >> i was hoping he would never play again, audience participation is not optional on "way too early". >> the stage manager in the west says audience participation is not option am.
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she's sending some shade your way. >> with love from fork city. yeah. can we get a close-up of jen to the side eye? . i don't know. we're trying to get the people in d.c. straightened out. >> let's get jen's side eye camera for the tease, please. >> the rain continues, no one has been complaining about. that the rain continues up to areas of new england with the possibility of dense fog. be careful on the roads. a little dense fog near d.c., too, west coast, we had more problems with the burn scars, more great rain. ventura county, we had fires in the past, heavy rain, now headed towards l.a. because of that, there have been evacuations. how about this, tom, nearly ten
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inches of rain so far, this december in san francisco. >> that is great. more rain today in texas, too. come here. jen, you want the competition? look, see this, look at that, see that, she's got her hand on her hips. she's about to do a walkoff. i win. >> you so win. >> i know, she's throwing a lot of side eye at you. >> oh, oh. >> look at that, she's got the eyebrow is up. yeah. >> we'll do better next time, jen. >> see that, making promises. >> jen, thanks for cracking down the whip here all the way from new york. i love you. coming up at the top of the hour, much more on the sony hacking scandal running the interview. some are saying, hey, we're not going to do it. when we come down here, it doesn't matter how old you are, mrs. woodhouse and her message
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>> we want co get you up to speed on headlines and the pennsylvania man hunt that ended with the suspected man dead. he killed his ex-wife, five of
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her family members and seriously injured another and was found with visible cut wounds with a five nearby. sony had been in a bitter custody abuse, his children he has taken from his ex-wife's home are in protective custody. we want to show you this video, one mother, one democrat, one republican. on tuesday, they appeared to promote the documentary. the two spent time on air fighting about politics, that is until their mom stole the show and put a smack down on the air. take a look. >> let's go to joy in raleigh, north carolina. good morning. >> hey, somebody from down south. >> you are right i'm from down south. >> oh, god, it's mom. >> and i'm your mother. i disagree that our families, all families are like ours.
2:55 am
i don't know many families that are fighting at thanksgiving. i was very glad that this thanksgiving was the year you two were supposed to go to your inlaws and i'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas. >> this was not planned. she called in on a normal line. but sentence you did call in, mrs. woodhouse, what is it like to raise these two boys? >> well, it hasn't been easy. i hope that they just kind of get this out of their system today on your program. >> i love that, joy woodhousing come here, mmmwah. i think you are a the best. are you really funny. that was good, guys, wasn't that good? yeah, calling in, it's mom. oh, god. anyway, joy went on to say she loves politics and is a registered democrat. obviously, she likes brad better than dallas, just saying.
2:56 am
new jersey governor chris christie is defending his love for the dallas cowboys after getting hammered on social media. it all started sunday in philly. you can see this behind the video, the high fiving owner, that sparked a nasty reaction from some eagle's fan, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell calm calling him pathetic and made a derogatory comment agent his weight. he reacted on a news station. >> i'm an enthusiastic dallas cowboys fan. i've never made a secret of it. some people reacted badly to it. i understand. they're passionate about the eagles, too, the people who listen to you know that i call them as i see it. and i'm not going to be one of these politicians who changes their sports teams loyaltys just to score political points. >> all right. so that's an interesting reaction. let get to your twitter
2:57 am
responses, we asked, do you think that jeb bush could clear the field? jay what did we get? >> our friend margie says, no, jeb bush will not clear the field, ego is so big. they all think they can win. >> they all have designs on 1,600 pennsylvania avenue. we saw what senator rand palm had to say. we will all watch. >> that will do it for "way too early." stick around, we are back with more after this. arning cash back ends here, at the purchase. but there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay . with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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questions, jeb bush is asking himself, while actively exploring a run for president. no. 10, am i sure i want to embarrass the family? no. 9, can i find a running mate as likable as dig cheney? and no. 8, if i run, who will rig the election if florida? no. 7, do i have what it takes to be america's final